Van Leeuwen's growth

Annual report 2023
Van Leeuwen's growth

Van Leeuwen is publishing this Annual Book 2023 in 2024: the year in which this family business celebrates its 100th anniversary, with ‘Connecting Worlds’ as the central theme. Our service delivery rests on a globally connected network of 70 locations. On the basis of this network, our people each and every day play a connecting role in the value chain between supplier and customer. Our theme ‘Connecting Worlds’ is all about continuous development and sustainable growth, customer focus, a close-knit company culture and innovative entrepreneurship.

Lisa Hannes

‘I consider the centralization of our procurement activities a major success, especially because our customers also benefit from our procurement knowledge.’

Michael van Etten

‘Customers must be able to rely on our ability to deliver. We need to exceed their expectations with our products, service excellence and reliability.’

Irina Beltermann

‘To stay connected with its customers and their global ambitions, Van Leeuwen is working toward an integrated, digital solution.’

Marco Broeren

‘With increased automation, we ensure that customers will be able to continue to rely on the excellent fulfilment of their orders.’

Karin Rose

‘Seamless cooperation is the way in which we grow together with our customers. This is truly one of our strengths.’

Lajos Siebel

‘The gradual replacement of combustion engines with electric engines in cars is already impacting what we produce here.’