Van Leeuwen education Foundation

Annual report 2023
Van Leeuwen Education Foundation

On the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary, the Rietberg family and the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group jointly took the initiative of founding the Van Leeuwen Education Foundation in order to structurally give something back to society in return for all of the opportunities they have received.

In the 100 years of its existence, tenacity, solidarity and entrepreneurial spirit have been passed on from generation to generation at Van Leeuwen. The company has grown into a successful company that operates all over the world. The third and fourth generation of the Rietberg family, who are actively involved in Van Leeuwen in various roles, with pride and gratitude look at all that, together with all employees throughout the world, has been built and is being passed on.

In its long history, the family and the company, aside from their entrepreneurial focus, always have been attentive to society as well. On the basis of the notion that prosperity is something to be passed on and shared, the company supports many initiatives on a social, cultural and sports level.

Our mission: to promote equal opportunity for everyone through means of education.
Inspired by the fact that its founder, Piet van Leeuwen, was forced to go to work at an early age and had to acquire his knowledge through self-study and evening classes, the Van Leeuwen Education Foundation aims to devote itself to promoting equal opportunity for everyone by supporting initiatives that facilitate access to quality education. This will enable people, regardless of their background, to exploit their innate potential and thus contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society. All this is based on the notion that excellent education is the key to improving someone’s opportunity for a better position in society with prospects for the future.

The Foundation will devote its efforts to creating a positive impact in the countries where the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group has a branch. In selecting our projects, we focus on the development of people in order to reduce unequal opportunities in society and the labor market and aim for equal starting positions. In this respect, we aim to especially focus on people in disadvantaged situations and at the margins of society. We believe that knowledge, skills and self-esteem form the basis of personal and societal development. Education is the key to achieving this goal. This can be accomplished through formal education in an educational institution, as well as through informal education, including initiatives such as training and coaching (for example, at the workplace), self-study and acquiring relevant work experience.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 of the United Nations serves as the source of inspiration for the Foundation. This goal pertains to quality education, ensuring equal access to quality education and promoting lifelong learning for everyone.

IMC Weekendschool - the Netherlands

Since 1998, the IMC Weekendschool has been providing supplementary education for youth, starting at ten years of age, in the poorest districts of the Netherlands. The Weekendschool prepares youth for the most important step after their school life: to make motivated choices for their future, so that youth at all school levels and of all social backgrounds can take a place in society that matches their interests and capabilities.

Let's Read and Play - Thailand

‘Let’s read and play’, is a project of the Asia Foundation. This is a non-profit organization for international development that, with 70 years of experience and local knowledge, devotes itself to improving lives and enhancing opportunities in Asia and the Pacific. The objective of this project is to promote reading as an important resource in pre-school education to improve the results of Thailand’s education system.