The Van Leeuwen culture

Annual report 2022
The van Leeuwen culture

Over a period of almost one hundred years, Van Leeuwen has grown into an international company with 70 branches in 33 countries. Our 2,400 employees with 58 different nationalities have different cultural backgrounds, religions, customs and habits. But regardless of the differences between cultures, colleagues always know how to find each other in our international network. Collectively they form a single Van Leeuwen. A family business in which, within an interconnected network, they share values, such as innovative entrepreneurship and customer focus.

In short, the Van Leeuwen culture.

Joanna Brookes

‘At Van Leeuwen we easily bridge cultural differences; we work together as a single, large team.’

Simon Low

‘The Van Leeuwen brand is and continues to be super strong, in part due to the tight relationships we manage to develop and maintain with our international business

Joost Verburg

‘The Dutch trading spirit is deeply anchored in our business culture.’

Priscilla Zanardi

‘Our employees feel highly committed to their work and like to go the extra mile for their customers.’

Cem Senkaya

‘By immersing yourself in the customer’s business processes and long-term objectives, you can provide much more added value.’

Victor Ea

‘We have been present in Malaysia for more than forty years and have a solid reputation here.’

Line Blok

‘Next year, Van Leeuwen will celebrate its 100th anniversary: you can only achieve this by constantly keeping pace with market developments.’

Radek Knoll

‘To continue to meet rigorous customer demands, we invested in expansion to create a state-of-the-art warehouse.’