Annual report 2022

Responding to the needs of our customers with flexibility and high delivery reliability comes first and foremost at Van Leeuwen, now and in the future. Van Leeuwen continuously improves its operational, logistics and IT processes, and the fit-up of its warehouses. In 2022, we reaped the benefits of earlier investments and once again made major improvements.

Investing in our network

An optimally operating international network of stock-keeping locations forms the basis of our service delivery. To be able to further expand the services we provide to customers, Van Leeuwen is continuously developing its global network of stock-keeping locations, and service and treatment centers. We continuously invest in plant and machinery in support of our value added services. The optimization of stock management systems, customized services and logistics concepts helps us reach our customers faster and with a broader and better product portfolio. In 2022, the large investments made in Sweden (OneHalmstad project), the Czech Republic (expansion of Vyškov warehouse) and in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands (such as the Monorail), were a key focus.

Plant and machinery

 Thanks to our investments in plant and machinery, we improved our value added services in 2022. This way we are better able to respond to the increasing customer need for components assembled by us. For example, in Hungary, where we supply parts for towing hooks for well-known automotive brands, we roboticized part of the activities in 2022.

Thanks to automation, volumes increased by 150 percent and treatments are carried out with greater precision. Partly automating the production process reduces the heavy work carried out by employees; the towing hooks each weigh between 4 and 10 kg.

Our investment in plant and machinery naturally primarily focuses on customer needs. This is why, in 2022, we increased laser capacity, as well as the number of different treatments, in various branches. In addition, for our Van Leeuwen Germany branch in Duisburg we invested in new machines and in process improvements. This increased our capacity, efficiency and delivery reliability.

Office upgrades

In 2022, we also invested in various new offices. Our colleagues in the United Kingdom, as well as in Belgium, moved into a new building. The office in France was upgraded, so that it fully meets present-day requirements. Our German employees in Vaihingen will also be given a new workplace. We are building a new office in Vaihingen for this purpose.

ISO standards

In 2022, the quality system used by Van Leeuwen branches was integrated with the quality system used by the branches of the former Benteler Distribution company, which we acquired in 2019. We combined the best of both existing systems during this process. The new standard applies to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Van Leeuwen’s quality policy has been ISO standards-based for many decades. The ISO 9001 standards are embedded in the procedures, processes and culture of our organization. For example, 64 locations possess the ISO 9001 certificate. Furthermore, we are working on increasing the number of branches with ISO 14001 certification. We guarantee the level of quality of the materials we purchase by working together with a select number of suppliers. Before we admit these suppliers to our Approved Manufacturers List (AML), we thoroughly validate their processes and quality. Specific standards are applied within the Automotive industry that we also apply within our branches that supply materials to this customer group. These branches are consequently IATF certified. The number of branches with this certification grew from two to four in 2022.

Quality, environment and safety

The welfare of employees and the sustainable development of the living and working environment is important to us. Safety is a priority in our processes and our safety culture is based on our global standards and procedures that are translated into the “Van Leeuwen Life Saving Rules”. The rules and procedures are directly related to ISO 45001. In 2021, we initiated a new safety campaign. As a result of sharing objectives, tabling unsafe situations for discussion and the focus on taking one’s own responsibility, the number of accidents resulting in absence from work once again decreased in 2022. With a 22 percent reduction in comparison to 2021, we are on the right track. We continue to aim for a further decrease.

Having certified quality, environment and safety management systems is a condition in our supplier selection process. Our Sustainability Manager guides and supervises making our business processes further sustainable. For example, we aim to load our transport vehicles as efficiently as possible so as to reduce the number of kilometers driven and therefore the CO2 emissions as well. In Zwijndrecht, our carrier has been using fossil-free diesel (diesel produced on the basis of hydrotreated vegetable oil) since 2022, and as such is driving carbon-neutral.

Digitalization and delivery information

Where possible, at Van Leeuwen we use our electronic data interchange system (EDI) to communicate within the supply chain. We receive customer orders, send confirmations, supply real-time delivery information, and make certificates and invoices available via EDI. We also communicate with suppliers and carriers through EDI. That provides us with rapid insight into product availability and delivery times. In 2022, we carried out a pilot with accurate advance notification of our deliveries. This means that our customers, on the day of planned delivery, are provided with a timeslot within which the order will be delivered. This in turn enables them to process the delivered goods more efficiently. In addition, the signed packing slip is transmitted digitally and is automatically processed in our systems.


To create an efficient and smoothly running transport network, we often work together with permanent carriers that always supply reliable services. By constantly analyzing the logistics flows, we constantly aim for affordable solutions with excellent delivery frequencies and the right speed. By segmenting flows and applying different logistics concepts, we are able to customize our services. We aim to deliver our goods efficiently and on time, and to reduce transportation costs, as well as the number of kilometers driven, together with the associated impact on the environment.

Supply reliability

In our distribution network we aim for delivering goods on time, completely and flawlessly, as one of our most important tasks and responsibilities. Various factors in the supply chain put this under pressure in recent years: the limited availability of materials, as well as the reduced transport capacity and the limited availability of personnel on the labor market. We work in structured and systematic ways on improving our On-Time-Delivery. This involves process improvements, making better use of our systems and improving cooperation between various disciplines. Our efforts are showing clear improvements. In 2023, we are taking further steps to improve service levels for our customers.


Van Leeuwen has experienced international project teams that optimally support customers throughout the entire delivery process, ranging from the information and proposals phase through to the packaging and shipping of pipes and pipe and tube components. Our project teams, as well as the customer’s project teams, can monitor a project’s progress in real-time using our international projects database. This way customers know exactly which materials are underway and to what destination. 

Smarter warehouses

Jasper Verhaart, Project Manager Supply Chain at Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group, has been working at Van Leeuwen’s head office in Zwijndrecht for more than four years.

Monorail at Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht

The largest investment undertaken by Van Leeuwen Zwijndrecht in 2022, is the acquisition of a Monorail system.

OneHalmstad nearing completion

With the large-scale OneHalmstad project by Heléns Rör AB in Sweden, Van Leeuwen is working on consolidating the warehouse, production and head office at a single location